The CFO as Chief Risk Officer

Today’s CFO faces pressure to cut costs, grow revenue, institute controls, and is even put at personal risk for the company’s financial mistakes. The CFO’s job is really four jobs in one. The first is that of steward, preserving the assets of the organization by minimizing risk and accurately reporting transactions. The second is operator, conducting finance operations efficiently and effectively. Third is strategist, influencing the company’s financial direction. Fourth is the catalyst, instilling a financial mindset for risk management and its execution throughout the business.

CFOs of privately owned middle market companies are being called upon to oversee the business’ risk management throughout the operation. At the same time risks facing most businesses are becoming more complex, requiring strong risk expertise. Managing risk places the CFO somewhere he/she may not have been in the past ­­‑ at the epicenter of risk/reward business decisions. To read the comprehensive article “The CFO as Risk Manager” click here.





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