Can Your Employees Beat the Bad Guys?

Orion Risk Management

Since cyber-attacks have emerged as a business risk, cyber protection has focused on keeping digital perimeters protected by negating and mitigating direct attacks. Traditionally, this meant having the right technical solutions, such as firewalls or patch management governance, in place to keep malicious code out of a network. This focus is too narrow.

The biggest exposure you may have against cyber-attacks is a lack of knowledge. The smallest human error can create easy access for hackers to wreak havoc on your business.

The most important line of defense in the world of ransomware is to educate employees about these threats and put protocols in place that help prevent social engineering attacks. These should include:

  • •    Create clear policies for employees to regularly change their passwords for their computer systems, accounting software, email and other programs where sensitive information is stored.
  • •     Show hidden file extensions. Ransomware frequently arrives in a file named with the extension .PDF or .EXE. Filter email files to deny those that have two extensions including .EXE. As a backup, ensure the ability to view the full extension so it will be easier to spot a suspicious file.
  • •    A policy for how sensitive information is asked for and given. For example, bank or accounting information should never be shared via email or over the phone.  All inquiries should be made in person.
  • •    Safe document management systems and disposal services. Keep sensitive information under lock and key so that prying eyes can’t get to it. Don’t overlook protecting hard copies from disgruntled employees and third parties.
  • •    Tests for employees. Following training, employees should occasionally be tested to ensure they understand typical social engineering and hacking scams and don’t hand off sensitive information.

You can learn more about how Orion Risk Management can help protect your business from ransomware and other cyber-attacks in this recent informational article.

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