Be on the Defensive with Orion’s Cyber Solution

Cyber Risk
Because it’s imperative for businesses to qualify and quantifiable their own security posture, Orion Risk Management has developed an end-to-end solution to identify the organization’s network vulnerability, close those gaps and obtain Cyber Insurance at a discounted cost. Including state/ federal fines and penalties, along with other associated data hack costs, the minimum out-of-pocket expense to businesses is approximately $500,000. To help frame your exposure, I can calculate these estimated costs.

When it comes to cyber threats, and how they continue to evolve, businesses are faced with the known and massive unknown. As such, buyers of Cyber Insurance need broader and better solutions, not just more insurance products. As the Cyber peril looms, the focus must shift from a reactive position of obtaining cover from products to a proactive approach engaging risk management, incident prevention and incident response. To truly maximize the benefits of Cyber Insurance, success is about integrating technology and forging relationships with third-party providers.

Cyber security is not just an IT problem, but a business problem, with mission critical systems at stake. The core competencies necessary for an IT professional to operate a network are a completely different set of skills needed to ensure site security. Most businesses are under-prepared and/or under-insured for their growing cyber peril.

An attacker doesn’t have to be good every time, they just need to be successful once! Offense always wins and defense always loses.  Cyber Protection Reimagined (1)

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