7 Ways to Improve WC Outcomes

RMA.Work Comp 7 Key Performance Indicators L

As a seasoned insurance broker, I will be the first to admit that delving into articles about the pros and cons of how to handle risk and how it relates to your company is probably not as attractive as some other reading you might have waiting for you. But, you can’t afford NOT to read information from the experts on how best to control risk in your company. My many years of expertise are the content of an illustrated infographic that will help make this important topic a little easier to process.  For easier reading, click on the infographic and print it directly from my site. I’m pleased that EHS Today saw the value in publishing it for its over 83,000 readers. If you have any questions, or would like to converse. you can reach me at: spaulin@orionrisk.com or at (949) 502-0850 (office) or (949) 632-8557 (cell).

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