Risk Management Resources

This page contains links to valuable risk management articles and information resources for senior level management and business owners. Simply click on the link to download any article on this page.

Lessons Learned from Alcoa: Establishing a Safety Culture to Improve Business Performance, by Stephen Paulin

How one man changed the safety culture of one of America’s largest corporation, how you can do the same for your company.

Cyber Protection Reimagined, by Stephen Paulin

How Prepared Are Your Employees to Protect Your Company From Ransomware?, by Stephen Paulin

The biggest cyber risk for mid- and small-size business is through human error. Does your team know how to keep your company safe?

Today’s CFO does the job of many people. One the most important changes is the trend toward being responsible for the company’s risk management program throughout the organization.

Stephen Paulin Joins Orion Risk Management, March 2015

After nearly three decades of in-depth industry experience, Mr. Paulin set out to find an innovative brokerage capable of meeting the risk complexities faced by today’s growing mid-market companies. After careful consideration, he has affiliated with Orion Risk Management. He chose Orion because of its visionary culture, proven record in pioneering effective coverage programs and the high level of satisfaction with all aspects of customer service.

Seven Key Performance Indicators: Managing Workers’ Compensation for Bigger Profits, by Stephen Paulin,

Workers’ Compensation is the one property and casualty coverage where a business can exert the most control to reduce claims and cost.

2015 Insurance Predictions: Looking Back to Predict What’s Ahead, by Stephen Paulin

The trends and analytics of the past year can be used to make informed decisions that result in future optimum profitability.

The Process is the Solution, by Stephen Paulin

How changing how you do business can reduce your insurance costs.

If It’s 7 o’clock, It Must Be a Hard Market, by Stephen Paulin

A thirty year old issue of Time magazine proves that the insurance market moves in predictable cycles. If you study history, you can better plan for premium pricing.

What a Golf Coach Can Teach About Workers’ Comp, by Stephen Paulin

Controlling the internal factors in risk management will have a positive impact on cost and profit.